Welcome to KBOP


Welcome to my new site.  You may have seen some of my post before at waygookinway.com and be wondering, “why start a new site?”  The reason for this site is that waygookinway.com answers a lot of the questions that people have asked me over the years about Korean life and culture.  However, it doesn’t always answer how I personally feel or some of the things that I’ve been through.  Over the past 15 years, my points of view on life have been molded by by being a Black man in Korean/Korean American culture. Because of this, I can better understand multiple sides of issues that I otherwise would not be able to understand or see without my time spent studying Korean language and culture.

My experiences and viewpoints are therefore different than what you may see from other people in the media.  That is the point of My KBOP and what you can expect to see on this site.  So what does KBOP mean anyway?  It stands for my Korean and Black Oriented Perspective.  This site is where you will gain more insights about how Ahn Daewoong (안대웅) came to by, why I am a waygookin at all times and what others and I have experienced.  I’ll give you the good, the bad and the ugly about Korean/Korean American culture from my point of view.  Be sure to follow along as I explain things and take you on my journey as a Black man in a Korean world.



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