My KBOP Monday: Why Do Koreans Love Black People?

If you read last Monday’s post and saw this title, you might be confused.  This is the exact opposite of what last week was all about.  But the truth is that not all Koreans hate Black people.  (If they did, I’d be in a lot of trouble.)  The truth is there are many Koreans who love Black people and love to be around Black people.  Some even go as far as to say they will only marry a Black person.  So what is the cause of this?  Why do Koreans love Black people so much?  Here are a few reasons from MY KBOP.

Korean War Memories

The Korean War, which is still legally going on, made changes for Koreans up to this day.  For some Koreans in South Korea, they are very thankful for the help that was provided by US and British forces to prevent what is now known as the North Korean Kim Dynasty from taking over the whole Korean peninsula.  Among the troops that came to Korean were a number of young, single Black men.  Stories that many Korean women have told me suggest that these men were viewed as being very attractive.  Also, many Black men were known to hang out in the streets with the people, learning more about Korean language and culture.  For women who felt that other foreign men were mocking Korean people, this made a big difference.

Physical Attraction

To many, it’s kinda of a hidden secret that a lot of Koreans are physically attracted to Black people.  For Korean women that I’ve talked to, they feel that Black men are manly men and their idea of what a real man should look like.  These women are sometimes very open about being attracted to men with darker skin.  Some even will take the initiative to break the ice in hopes of starting a romantic relationship with a Black man.  For Korean men that I’ve talked to, a lot will just openly tell me they don’t want a Korean woman and they don’t understand why some Black men do want them. Their idea woman is a Black woman.  Some openly feel that the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.  Some of these men will be openly aggressive in letting Black women know they want them.  (But a number of these men go way overboard, which I will talk about in another post.)

Similar Cultures

You’d have to study both cultures to get this reference, but both Korean and Black people act in a similar way.  (At least from MY KBOP.)  I’ve had a number of times when I’m describing Korean people and the people I’m with think I’m describing Black people.  For a lot of Korean people who open up to Black people, and vise versa, they find that we all are just human at the end of the day and can find a lot of common ground.  It could be anything from certain foods that we all love, the respect for older ones in our culture, the way we feel about Jesus, even to how our moms treat us.  Korean and Black people have so much in common that loving each other is natural to many of us.

Similar Views on People

To me, the most beautiful thing about Black people is that if you are truly a good person, or in some cases even if you’re not a good person, you can find love and acceptance with Black people.  Believe it or not, Koreans are the same way.   Everyone in Korean culture is family to each other.  You look out for each other and love each other, just as we do it the Black community.  The more love and respect you show towards Korean culture, the more Korean people will love and respect you. (Well, most Koreans anyway.)  Every Black person I’ve ever talked to that has been to Korea loves it and would love to move back.  The love and respect between Black and Korean people is very mutual once we get to know each other.

Black People Are Cool

The style of dress and entertainment of Black people can be seen in many facets of Korean culture.  This isn’t to say that Koreans don’t have their own style. But if you watch enough KPOP, you’ll see enough booty poppin, sports clothes, cars, rapping and other things to know who influenced the artist you’re listening to.  For younger Koreans that have not left Korea, exposure to Black people is very minimal.  (About 97% of the population of South Korea is Korean.  North Korea is almost at 100%.)  So to many young people, Black people are cool.  Black people are known by some to be respectful of Korean culture, so it can be easier to accept and follow along with Black people.  But with so much of entertainment showcasing Black people, it’s not a surprise that a number of Koreans have a favorite singer or athlete who is Black.  With all that they’ve seen, Black style and Black people are very cool to imitate.

The Kind of Black People Koreans Meet

Even with the small number of Black people in Korea, a lot of the Black people that are there teach English in schools.  This means that for many Koreans, the first Black person they meet is not a thug or hoodlum like they see on shows, in movies or music videos.  They are meeting educated and kindhearted Black people.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it helps to break down barriers and end stereotypes.  Also, education is very serious in Korea.  Respect for one’s teacher is instilled in many children from a young age.  So to have a respected view of Black people from childhood helps these children to reject prejudice teachings later on in life.

The truth is I can go on and on about this subject.  The point of it is to show you that not all Koreans are hateful or prejudice against Black people like some may have you believe.  There are many Koreans who do love and respect Black people, and who will welcome Black people into their culture.  The best thing to do is to live life and get to know each other.  When you do, you’ll make new family and friends that will last a lifetime. At least that’s the view from MY KBOP.

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